SmartPixel: Online Interactive Building & Community Development Tool

SmartPixel is an exciting new marketing and development project visualization software technology that can help to super-charge development marketing strategies. SmartPixel is a powerful new tool for real estate and urban design leaders who can lever this technology to better communicate thier groundbreaking vision.

SmartPixel has extensive experience in interactive Real time 3D custom software development and collaborative real-time 3D environments. They apply the latest developments of the video gaming industry, into playful interactive real-time 3D experiences for photorealistic visualization of projects, products or services. The customized applications centralize key elements of a project in a multi-user collaborative experience so individuals can really grasp, visualize and understand the nature of the product.  Company overview.

Here are some video demonstrations of our recent projects:

The following are some of the video examples of SmartPixel on our YouTube and Vimeo channels:

We would love the opportunity to demonstrate the amazing power of this interactive marketing technology either at your premises or at our offices so that you can see the communication and marketing capabilities of SmartPixel and to show you how we can work collaborative with you to communicate your project vision more effectively than ever before.

Leon Wasser MBA, P.Eng., Wasser Resources Inc., Authorized Reseller, (416) 473-4614

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