Green Building Links

The green building sector comprises a wide spectrum of developers, architects, consulting engineers, energy consultants and technology suppliers including the following:

Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC)

Canada Green Building Council is the voice of the green building sector in Canada. CaGBC administers the prestigious and widely recognized LEED green building certification program.

HiGarden Inc.

HiGarden Inc. is a designer of biophilic facilities, buildings with green walls, internal aquaponics and other design featured which emulate the natural world.

Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA)

OSEA is the provincial association which represents the interests on Ontario’s entire sustainable energy sector including technology developers and distributors, consultants and energy users.

Resilient World Institute – School of Energy

The Resilient World Institute provides technical training to the green building development sector including architects, consulting engineers and developers. RWI specializes in energy modelling and energy performance code classes. It teaches eQuest energy modelling for the SB10 provisions on Ontario Building Code Part 3 commercial and multi-unit residential buildings. It also teaches HOT2000 energy modelling for SB12 Ontario Building Code Part 9 single familiy homes.

Sustainable Buildings Canada (SBC)

Sustainable Buildings Canada organizes and hosts the longstanding annual Green Building Festival each fall in Toronto.

Wasser Resources Inc.

Wasser Resources commercializes innovative green energy